An ecosystem of experts
and opportunities.

About Us

we are

Our group is a world class international holding that brings together over 20 years of multisectoral experience through more than 180,000 experts in 100 countries.

We design, finance, execute and operate large-scale infrastructure projects for partners and clients to help them achieve their strategic objectives.

we do

drives us

We’re passionate about creativity, innovation, research and sustainable development. We strive to create a better world driven by diversity and empathy.

Our Activities


The Tchoum Consulting

The Tchoum Consulting is a global consulting firm with a network of more than 180,000 experts.


The Tchoum Ventures

The Tchoum Ventures finances entrepreneurs and organizations to empower them to bring ideas to life.


The Tchoum Architecture

The Tchoum Architecture designs for the present with an awareness of the past and our vision of the future.


The Tchoum Agency

The Tchoum Agency is a creative firm with a multidisciplinary team of expert and partners.


The Tchoum Technology

The Tchoum Technologies leverages the best of a creative team to solve clients challenges.


The Tchoum Realty

The Tchoum Realty is a real estate management firm that focuses on building and facility management.

Our perspective
for the future

The Tchoum Group is
committed to support
sustainable development at every level of his achievement. We value green growth, diversity and human rights. Our commitment is to achieve our vision and the high standard we set for our partners, stakeholders, clients and employees.



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North America