From Education to
Technology, And Beyond.

Regional development Business ethics Human rights and Civic engagement are our tagline. We design, finance, build and operate large scale infrastructure projects. This role allow us to have a strong impact on both economic and social development.

For employment at our worksites, the Group encourages the use of local resources, thus contributing to training efforts in regions. Internationally, and particularly in emerging economies, The Tchoum Group works to promote the development of local skills for both production and managerial staff.

Skills transfer benefits the entire industry and promotes regional development and we support it. The Tchoum Group generates revenue and taxes at the local level on top of contributing to development through the construction or upgrading of infrastructure and facilities.


Benevolent Finances:
enlightening Lives Through Compassionate

We work closely with locals to identify, understand, and solve the problems they are facing on a daily basis.

Proving technology’s role as a catalyst for positive change towards a better, more inclusive future.


Empowering Change:
Our Commitment to Tech
for Good.


Illuminating the Path
to a Brighter Education for

Children hold the future of Humanity within themselves. We must rally behind their education, health and growth for a better future.