Culture As A
Key Driver For Innovation Across The World.

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Despite all the individual elements that make up a truly innovative company as a focused innovation strategy, a strong business strategy, deep customer insight, great talent, the role played by corporate culture is the key.

“Culture is what makes us who we are. It gives us strength; it is a wellspring of innovation and creativity; it provides answers to many of the challenges we face today.”
Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO

The Cultural Imperative

Rather than simply acknowledging innovation as and when it occurs on an ad hoc basis, organizations can drive innovation on a constant basis by creating a culture. This means highlighting what significant cultural changes need to be made in the company to help innovation become a more regular and natural occurrence.

Innovation is key to the success of any business and encouraging it with a business isn’t a complicated process. Understanding what drives innovation itself is the key to maintaining a healthy level of it within an organization.


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