Over 20 years of
multisectoral experience.

Our Activities

The Tchoum Consulting

The Tchoum Consulting is a global consulting firm with a network of more than 180,000 experts that helps businesses, governments and non profits organizations achieve their goals.

For over a decade, we have grown by helping our clients from industrial revolution to the digital age. We enable clients to grow, innovate, and create value by helping them understand and better manage the challenges they face, and ensuring they have the resiliency to withstand the unexpected.

The Tchoum Architecture designs for the present with an awareness of the past and our vision of the future. We share the mentality that humans should always be at the center of all creativity and innovation. That is why even if we leverage, design, technology, strategy, branding with architecture at the core of it, we value sustainable development and urban planning.

We think that quality should never be a compromise while aiming for conviviality and durability.

The Tchoum Architecture

The Tchoum Technology

The Tchoum Technology brings together the best of a creative and technology team who work hand in hand with clients big and small across a range of sectors. We use all forms of technologies to solve their challenges, enhanced by customized solutions. We improve their productivity, their efficiency and security by leveraging the latest trends technique so that they can see the return on investment.

The Tchoum Ventures finances entrepreneurs and organizations to empower them to bring their ideas to life. We leverage the blend of our network of investors and investment portfolio to fund projects.

The Tchoum Ventures

The Tchoum Agency

The Tchoum Agency is a creative firm with a multidisciplinary team of experts and partners who execute our strategies to align with the vision of our clients. We work with you to fully understand your business and goals in order to help you achieve them. All of this is done with the best innovative approach possible.

The Tchoum Realty is a real estate management firm that focuses on building and facility management throughout the world.

The Tchoum Realty