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FullStack Developper

The Tchoum Group seeks an experienced, motivated FullStack Developer who has expertise in both frontend and backend development. This means that he can build a complete software application or a website from start to finish, including the user interface, backend functionality, and database interactions.


  • Designing and implementing software applications from start to finish, including both frontend and backend development.
  • Collaborating with designers and stakeholders to ensure that software applications meet business requirements and user needs.
  • Writing clean, maintainable, and efficient code that meets industry standards and best practices.
  • Developing and maintaining databases and data models to support application functionality.
  • Testing and debugging software applications to ensure they are functional, secure, and error-free.
  • Implementing security and data protection measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of user data.
  • Ensuring that software applications are optimized for speed, scalability, and performance.
  • Documenting code and application functionality to enable other developers to work on the same codebase.
  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices in FullStack development.
  • Collaborating with other developers, project managers, and stakeholders to ensure that software applications are delivered on time and within budget.


  • Education: A bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or a related field is typically required for a FullStack Developer role.
  • Technical skills: Proficiency in both frontend and backend development technologies is essential. This includes knowledge of programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, Ruby, and Java, as well as frameworks such as React, Angular, Vue, Node.js, Django, and Ruby on Rails.
  • Database skills: Experience with database design, development, and management is necessary, including knowledge of SQL and NoSQL databases.
  • DevOps skills: Familiarity with DevOps practices, including deployment pipelines, continuous integration, and delivery, is essential.
  • Project management skills: Ability to work in an Agile development environment and experience with project management tools like JIRA or Trello is usually required.
  • Communication skills: Effective communication skills are essential for a FullStack Developer to work collaboratively with designers, project managers, and other developers.
  • Problem-solving skills: Strong analytical and problem-solving skills are necessary to diagnose and resolve issues that arise during development.
  • Detail: A FullStack Developer must be detail-oriented and able to ensure that code is accurate, efficient, and secure.


FullStack Developper


Fulltime, Remote, Technology

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